Close your eyes and imagine getting hugged by mother nature!

The voice of birds chirping, fragrance of the wilderness, tiny droplets of the mist giving you feather touches, and the thunderous waterfall making you aware of its presence. 

Serene , isn’t it? 

Ecotour or ecotourism means travelling to such untouched places to explore them , empower the local people who call such places their home and conserve the environment. It’s meaning stands on a holiday in a stunning location without disturbing or damaging the living environment. This tourism is also the way of collecting funds for the cause of our hampering biodiversity. It’s an important category in tourism to introduce our future generations about the pristine environmental areas.

Ecotourism is often termed as Green tourism..

Some of the famous spots for ecotourism are as follows :-

  1. Ashtamudi Villas, Kollam
  2. Cherry Village,  Pelling
  3. Rains Inn, Guwahati
  4. Blue Homestays, Doars
  5. Non Profit Homestays, Thembang
  6. Ecolodges in Auli and Jayalgarh
  7. The Himalayan Village, Kullu
  8. Khem Bharti Homestay, Tirthan Valley
  9. Gorichen Peak, Tawang
  10. Toshi Palace, Aalong

It mainly deals with the interaction between biotic components of natural environments on a general level.If we look at this kind of tourism from a social point of view, we can see its beneficial for personal growth, environmental sustainability and travel diaries. It ensures proper insights for fauna, flora and sometimes the cultural heritage of the particular region.

 It makes people focus on the mesmerising beauty of the natural environment and teaches them to foster the ideas of conservation of our natural habitats. Green tourism is quite direct for financial benefits as well for the locals because of continuous traffic by travellers and tourists. The focus on the democracies of local people is often taken as a major point in this category of tourism. It promotes sustainable use of biodiversity by engaging work to the local people without migration.Fun fact, but ecotourism is incredibly an asset to our environment as it is taking care of water conservation and recycling.

Now if we spin the coin and look to the other side , we see there are so many actions which are having a negative impact on this kind of tourism.

 First of all, because of constant intruding in such untouched areas , things are difficult as a slight change in the habitat leaves major effects.This whole process of winning the world over will definitely cause ugly effects.Some way or the other construction relative to the increasing population there,  is also a damaging action. With time , industrialisation , urbanisation and advanced agricultural practices are creating chaos in the calm. Mismanagement by the government and environmentalists is leading to some lifelong consequences.

However, there are some regions in the world which are still untarnished and makes our Earth a wonderful place.One thing is for sure, Mother nature is super amazing and no one can take away its scintillating beauty. So next time when you plan on your vacation, don’t forget to add ecotourism in your travelogue. 

Trust us, it’s gonna be unbelievable. 

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