Do’s and Don’t of Marketing In This Devastating Pandemic.

It doesn’t matter what you believe about COVID-19. The economy at its breaking point because of a pandemic should be enough proof that business is no longer at its usual.

The virus has resulted in almost one million infections and tens of thousands of deaths all around the world. Because of which countries had gone under lockdown.

The lockdown around the world is causing a major economic impact, But 1 benefit we have in this modern society is the Internet. Which was not available in the past pandemics. The Increase in connectivity, which has enabled many businesses to continue their operation despite not being able to leave their home.

People’s routines and lives have been greatly affected by it. Things are likely to get worse before they get better. But for business to survive this pandemic they’ll need to be smart about how they approach their operations, particularly marketing. 

There are some things that have changed for the business in this pandemic. Such as.

Changes Consumer preferences

COVID-19 has not only shifted business courses, but also consumer priorities and the entire marketing landscape. Customers no longer need basic marketing tactics, They are in their home consuming content from all the companies. So business needs to be smart about how they approach their operations. Here are some Dos and don’ts while marketing during a pandemic.

  • Do’s in Marketing


Do Get used of social media

The Internet is a gift to every company in this pandemic. Every business should use social media to their benefits, make use of social media apps for marketing. Because of this pandemic, most of the people are in their home and spending their time on social media and they keep engaging with your product through social media. They will get more familiar with your company.


Do Communicate with your Existing consumer

Those consumers who already use your services or use your product, try to stay in touch with them through e-mail or any social media platform. This pandemic has pretty much shut down most of the countries and has sent the stock market crashing. People are afraid and panicky about the impact the global crises is having and will continue to have on a daily basis.

Communicating with your customers shows that you’re sensitive to what’s going on and can empathize with them. You can also reassure them that your operations and services to them won’t be affected in any way due to the changes brought by the pandemic.


Do use the company’s website and create content 

Use of the company’s website should be optimised to create content and increase traffic on websites. If you want to keep traffic on your website at a growth rate you should be creating content on a higher scale and use social media to promote content and engage more customer into your company


Focus on current customers

The happy client acts as ambassadors for your business and shares their experience with other potential customers. Right now, you need advocates to support local business. Your customers have a lot of time right now to help your business.

Ask them review and testimonials

Share company updates on social

Call clients and ask how can you help them

Have loyalty Program 

Create virtual contest 


  • Don’ts In Marketing 


Don’t Stop creating 

Don’t stop creating content. Instead, double down on content creation, and make sure some of your content addresses key questions your customer might be having as they are going through the pandemic, while also creating other types of content. These pieces of content will give you a massive advantage when things settle down. Your competitors will be struggling to create content but you’ll already have a lot of content ranking in the search result.


Don’t add Isolation to Isolation

As with all businesses, it’s always important to keep the communication channel open. During difficult times this becomes the toll to break the barrier between consumer and company.

When working remotely, your digital platforms are your go-to friend. People are feeling increasingly isolated and are tuning into social media more frequently. While it might be tempting to sell them your products, it’s actually far more important that you tell stories and focus on brand awareness at such times.


Don’t Capitalize on the crises 

No matter What kind of crisis is happening or tragedy, It is important to remember in the existing climate where fear and worry are on top of everybody’s mind. While it is a good idea to keep people informed about how the crises are affecting businesses, make sure you aren’t spreading panic. Market positive things through your marketing. People generally like that kind of thing in this pandemic.


Don’t go Silent In Pandemic

This is no time to stay silent or inactive as a brand. According to a survey by the World Federation of Advertisers, 80 percent of multinationals are deferring campaigns but the same number is creating new content in response to the crises. 

When not knowing what to say or do, it can be easiest to stay silent.  Like awkwardly Silent. But brands can’t afford that, businesses need to keep interacting with their customers and keep getting advice on the services they are providing 

Final Thoughts.

While many businesses have stopped all marketing efforts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now’s a good time to increase awareness about your brand and marketing efforts while following the ethics of marketing.

 “Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.”

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