Dealing With Stress In This Menacing COVID-19.

It is a terrifying time. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, with cities and even entire countries are shutting down. Some of us are already staying in an area which has been declared hotspot for coronavirus. Others are bracing themselves for what may come. And all of us are sitting inside the house watching the headlines and wondering’ “what is going to happen next?”

The outbreak of coronavirus is obviously stress full for people. Fear and anxiety about the disease can be overwhelming and cause a strong emotion in adults and children. The following people may respond strongly to the stress in this crisis

  • Older people
  • Children and Teens
  • People who are helping with the response of coronavirus
  • People who have Mental health condition

Even if you don’t fall into any of the above categories, being stuck in a house isn’t always easy. That’s why we come up with some ways from which you can deal with the stress you are having in this pandemic. Ways that will help you to enjoy your lockdown.

Why is it necessary to be stress-free at such times?

Staying stress-free during this lockdown of coronavirus crisis is easier said than done, with lockdown restrictions, financial fears and health concerns at the top of the worry list. Reducing your stress levels will help the body fight off any infections.

Stress can suppress the immune system and make you more vulnerable to infection, according to experts, by affecting your body’s ability to create white blood cells.

This 7 Ways Will Help you to Stay Stress-Free During Lockdown


Limit the use of social media 

This can be tough for some people because scrolling through social media is often seen as a way of relaxing. But the constant exposure to the worries over COVID-19 can be harmful.

There is no other way of saying this but social media tend to overreact on certain things. Just like that Girlfriend/Boyfriend who overreacts to everything. So that is why we should stay aware of what we are consuming through social media. Put a limit on how long you are going to spend your time in social media 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle.

Because of this lockdown, we have to stay at our home and there is not a lot of physical activity you can do by staying and home so try to maintain your health. Because after the lockdown ends you can stay fit to get back to work. It is hard to stay healthy by not doing anything but we have to contradict that there are few things that you can practise to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Keep proper Diet
  • Have a proper sleep 
  • Exercise 
  • Contact your loved once to maintain mental health also

Health is more important in this pandemic because after these all end you have to go back to the things you were doing and for that, you have to stay fit.

Don’t fall for Smoking and Drinking

At such times of stress, it becomes very easy to fall for drinking and smoking which will make you think that it is helping you with anxiety and stress. But in reality, it feeds you more anxiety and fear about the things you are running from. So don’t go out and seek help from smoking and drinking and make sure none of your loved ones also take their help.

Make “Me” Time

“Me” time is very important for you and also for your family members to practise. We have been staying inside our house now for almost 2 months and it gets frustrating at the same time. So it is important to set aside some time every day for yourself to do something that you love. Just treat yourself with something that will help you to relax.

Do 30 minutes of yoga, eat your favourite snacks without sharing it to anyone, or watch a new episode of a TV show. Whatever it is that will make you unwind.

Avoid Watching News 

News channels have become a partner in crime with social media. News channels constantly keep showing what is wrong with the virus and because of that, it creates panic and fear among the family members.

 Although the information is important about COVID-19, you should stay informed but not panic about it. Put a limit on how much news you’ll watch each day. Exposure of the news on COVID-19 can cause fear, worry, and stress, which can lead to irritability or acting out, excessive sadness and many more things.

Engage In Activity 

Lockdown is very hard on people and it keeps getting extended day after day and to keep yourself from going insane you should keep yourself busy and try to stay active. The best way of doing this by engaging yourself in some kind of activity. 

Activity is a great way to distract your mind from the fear of this disease. And most importantly it will make your body move which is a good thing. Activities such as giving helping hands in the chores around the house, learning something new. 

Revive Old Hobbies  

Your hold hobbies because of which we used to be known for in your college days. But somewhere along the way, you lost them in this busy life. Now is the most suitable time to rediscover those hobbies, to get to be a master in your old art. Pick up that guitar which has been sitting in a corner of a room, Throw something on that canvas from your mind, Write down that poem which has been lingering inside of your head.

Catch up on old habits. You will feel energetic like the old-times and there will be no time for you to stress.

Final Thought

Keep yourself busy and try to stay active, make contact with your loved ones, tell them you are healthy, ask them about their health. Man is a social animal and a man can’t stay sane in this lockdown without socializing with other beings so take the help of the internet and stay connected. Be safe and stress-free. As once Yoda said, “ An Ignorant state, stress is.”

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