Are you being indecisive about your future plans ? 

Is thinking or talking about your long term goals making you anxious? 

India has the highest number of youth population in the world with 356 million young people, says Behind Woods website. This clearly means high rise working capacity and abundance of fresh blooming ideas.

Nowadays, every human is in the rush to find career stability.We know ,you are too.

But some of you are dwelling between choosing the right career and opting for a job to support families. We all have been through this phase and have come across so many struggles trying to get out of this tricky situation.

Here, let’s see if we can compare both of them and come up with a conclusion. 

If we focus on job , we have the following benefits and drawbacks respectively :-

 BENEFITS :                         

  • Financial security

We all wait for the beginning of a month and you know why. 

Once you are in a job, you are certainly going to get paid.With all the other factors, being able to pay your own bills is the most important part.Job makes you financially stable.

  • Learn professionalism

To maintain the decoram of any workplace is our topmost priority. No matter how you have been all the time in your life, you’ve to behave in a mannered way when you work for someone. Learning to behave in a professional environment is one of the key elements.

  • Enhancement of skills

By vigorous practise and genuine efforts, a person is certain to learn more than he or she knows.A job is supposed to enhance your skills and end up making you progress in the specific criterion


Intolerable stress

The rising working hours and the contant check on stuff like reports, meetings, conferences etc will lead to stress and make you full of anguish with time.

Less enthusiasm with time

There comes a time when you get sick and tired of waking up every morning, for the same schedule. You wake up with zero energy and less enthusiasm for your day.

This condition damages your productivity.

Performance pressure

When you work with other people, all you want to do is stand out.

With deadlines and extreme workload, the performance pressure is elevated more than that of a student. This pressure often drains your energy and kills the urge to work.

And now if we focus on our career and passion, we see the pros and cons as follows 



Daily self motivation

When you work for your own interests , you tend to be self motivated.

The driving force is over the top and you make the best out of your daily life.


Intellectual growth and better understanding of the subject

You are focused on one topic or course leaving everything aside. This ensures full attention and attentiveness. Once you are done , you are for sure going to get the complete in and out extract of that certain course or topic.


More Time for recreational activities

When you study or read about something you love, you are not exhausted like the usual. This keeps you active throughout the day and you have time to approach your other interests and pastimes. 




Overwhelmed mind and thought clustering 

You are thoroughly acknowledged of the subject but failing to utilise it on a daily basis makes you restless and overwhelmed. You might lose your calm some day or the other leading to some bad behaviour. 

Lack of practise and experience , out in the world

Some days might come where you will be assimilated with tons of knowledge but literally zero application and experience. These days you will face anxiety and restlessness because of your fear of failure.

Anxiety at certain points.

You know you are studying and working towards your career but sometimes this makes you feel as if you are losing the race. This constant fear of failure and scoring the last position, triggers your anxiety issues.

If we keep all these points in our consideration, we are able to pick out from both of them.

Earlier it was tough to think for yourself when you were supposed to fulfill your parent’s expectations.These days, the pattern is changed and the student can pursue whatever he/she wants thinking of the opinions up front. 

Steve Jobs once quoted ,”March to the beat of your own drum”. We, collectively believe in following our passions with undivided attention so that we justify following our hearts.

Now go and get that course done, read that favourite blog , attend the photography workshop and do everything you’ve always wanted to do right now. 

Why? Cause your time is limited.

Make it worthwhile.

Ps – Listen to your brain but always follow your heart. 

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