Summer season is all set to enter into force. Are you ready to beat the heat?

Temperatures are rising and so are our worries. But rather than freaking out , let’s stop this sluggish behaviour and have a healthy well being.

Here are some tips to cheer up your summer health and handle the scorching heat like a pro!


Hydration hacks :-

Everyone is advised to drink ample amounts of water daily to make sure that the body stays completely hydrated. But it’s monotonous sometimes to keep drinking water and that too of the same taste. To make it an enthralling experience, cut some fresh fruits like cucumber, strawberries, lemon and keep them overnight in a water filled bottle. Your detox water with a refreshing taste is all done. Hydration never seemed this fun!


Fruit Frenzy and juice junction :

Body’s immunity gets charged up by regular consumption of seasonal fruits and juices.This summer , develop a habit of eating fruits and vegetables in bulk to boost up your metabolism. Gulp down at least one glass of juice during the day to energize the logy body and stay active throughout.


Get dirty and Clean your mind :-


It’s time to get dirty! Go to the backyard, water the green life, cut out the weed and plant some summer seeds. Working with respect to nature makes you feel good and rejuvenates your mind. It enhances the beauty of your home and brings uttermost peace and kills the summer stress.


Get some Zizz :-


Sleeping for 7 hours is essential for a sound body but getting a nap of 30 minutes during the day can help destress you and can calm your senses down for a productive day. An afternoon break in this extreme heat is crucial for all the workers, be it indoors or outdoors. So switch on your cooling appliance, close your eyes and work for your betterment. 


Sunblock and moisturiser are king products  :-


Going to shop for daily essentials? Buy an extra bottle of moisturizer and sunscreen. This might seem very trivial but skin allergies , UV radiations and bacterial issues , acne on the skin are the most common issues lined up in summers. Using a sunblock of 30+ SPF reduces the chances of skin issues. So get ready,  apply that sun tan lotion and smile to the sun.


Fitness In, Sun Out :-


Focus on working out indoors which will avoid your contact with the sun and work on a healthy life. It’s not like you shouldnt step out of the house during summers but avoid the thoughts of leaving home from 12pm to 4pm cause at that time , sun is gleaming and drying from a sun stroke is the last thing you want. So stretch a lil in your room, bend some more for the cleaning routine , here you welcome fitness in and well, the sun stays out.


Eat light, strength heavy :-


Since the high temperatures end up making our digestive system slow and a little taken aback, one should start eating light. Addition of green leafy vegetables ,minimal spices in our diet, lesser carbs uplifts the overall health and makes a person full of strength and power. Health risks are reduced to a mammoth rate by making such dietary changes


These were some ways to have a happy and healthy life this summer. Opt for better habits and see fabulous results on your own. So next time someone tells you to be scared of the heat ? Teach them how not to be a summer bummer!

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