Writing industry is gripping from ages but from the past ten years, every minute, a blog is uploaded or a writeup is posted on instagram. If you are willing to grow up instantly in this field, these steps are surely gonna help you.

Writing is an art to express your feelings on a piece of paper or out in the world by any means.But playing with words in such a way that it attracts more readers , you have to focus more on your routine cause there’s no such thing as free lunch.

Everyone is scribbling their thoughts daily but to become a better and beautiful writer, we have got to follow a few steps. These steps will not only help you in becoming an ultimate writer, but will also have some life changing impacts.

So, let’s get started !


Once you have decided you want to write more and that too in a way you learn on a daily basis,  you should know reading is important. Going through good books meticulously and keeping it as your daily habit can help you amp up your vocabulary and sentence framing. 

The more you read, the better you write. The better you write, the more you create wonders!


You won’t be able to write like William Shakespeare in a day or two. It will take a lot of practise and persistent efforts. There might be days when you will try to write but will end up with dead hours. Hang in there for a bit. This phase should not bother you cause after a few days, that diary of yours will lack mainstream pages. A time will come when you yourself will be tired of taking care of your elite handwritten notes.


Keeping a diary or a personal memo is cool but to convey your feelings, thoughts and opinions, it’s important to have a social platform where you can regularly work on your writing skills. For this , Blogging is hands down the best! 

It helps you to interact with people emerging from the world and even manifest your writing according to your audience. It ensures continuity as well. Another step to get better!


If someone is willing to learn, why not learn it properly.

Once you have found your interest in writing, start getting tutored. A lil mentoring never harms. There are so many organisations waiting to teach you all what you are lacking. The Content writing courses or the Creative writing courses are the gems you should definitely collect. They help in broadening your thoughts while you are holding down a pen and a paper. 


Criticism is indeed like a blessing in disguise. No matter how long you have been writing for, always be open to criticism. Once you start focusing on the mistakes, you are surely gonna get better by the next day.There are people who are taken aback by negative responses on their write ups. Remember, if it can be edited, it can be crafted in a masterpiece. So take a deep breath and start with your art all over again.  


Most of the people who are good at writing,have a habit of keeping track of their daily life. This is literally the best way to be particular and comprehensive of a writing habit.  Plus, it looks cool. Even if someday you don’t write a prompt or a blog, maintaining a journal will make sure you have a mind made up of penning down things. Be it buying your groceries or meditating for hours, UPDATE YOUR JOURNAL.


Once you come up with a topic, just start typing things in your phone. Write whatever you feel, however you want. The main motive of writing is to put up your thoughts in the best way. Right when you are done with this whole collection of sentences, it’s time to arrange it and create a fascinating piece of writing. Use different power words, add phrases to your writings , and focus on keeping it real.

No one is willing to get a dictionary and find the meaning of difficult words. For instance, let’s see why editing and formatting is important. 

You know when you enter a bookstore , you are staying there for longer hours and exploring the books even more when the shelf is in a specific manner and is easy to search books up. This is exactly how your writings should be! In a defined manner.

To come up with a tempting and attractive writing, it will cost an arm and a leg.

     But if you keep experimenting and master the art of thinking in a creative manner, You will shine bright like a diamond.

Meanwhile when you are struggling, don’t forget to remind yourself that Bestsellers come to those who wait!  

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