How hormones affect our health: Unknown Facts Revealed!

 Have you ever wondered that even hormones can play a vital role in regulating our health on the health meter? Well, for that it’s important to know first what the term, ‘hormone’ literally means, these can be defined as specific chemical messengers that travel within our body and have great control over functions and processes of the human body. Our body possesses an endocrine system which is also the communication channel of the body. Hormones are a significant part of this system which works on releasing hormones into the blood. Each part of your body from brain to your skin, your heart, your Kidneys, and your muscles have a specific job to do.


There are various types of hormones mentioned in tabular form along with their specific role in front of it: 


Primary Role


Stress Hormone


Sex Hormone (Female)


Hunger Hormone 


Metabolic Hormone


Sleep Hormone 


Sex Hormone (Male)


Growth Hormone


The human body makes around 50 different hormones 


These are some of the Hormones that perform differently. There are many more hormones that have different effects in your body and that’s why it affects your health.

Sometimes hormones get out of balance. That can lead to problems like diabetes, weight gain or loss, infertility, weak bones, and other problems. If you ever have hormones related problems the best thing to do is talk to your doctors. Don’t try some home remedies that may accelerate your problems. How do you know if there is an imbalance in your body of hormones? There are some signs and symptoms that will show an imbalance in your hormones.


  • Excessive body or facial hair 
  •  Infertility 
  • Thinning of hair 
  • Weight problems 
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Changes in heart rate


Let’s look at the role of these hormones in brief so as to understand them better: 

  • Estrogen:

the female sex hormone estrogen is first produced in the ovaries is responsible for maintaining pregnancy as well as regulating the menstrual cycle. Well, without this hormone it’s not possible for females to give birth to a baby. 

  • Testosterone:

You might have read about this prominent hormone in your biology class in school. Testosterone which is the male sex hormone plays a crucial role in bone density, sex drive and muscle strength of males. To keep this hormone in a healthy range, one must strictly say no to smoking. 

  • Serotonin:

does it happen that one moment you’re on cloud nine and the other you feel like bursting out? This is the function of serotonin which creates mood-boosting effects in our body ranging from high to low. This hormone is also related to learning and memory, regulating sleep cycle and maintaining digestion.

However, the list of various types of hormones is endless. It is important to maintain a balance of hormones or the endocrine system in order to stay healthy and fine from within. We neglect small aspects of health like these and later pay a high cost for it. Conditions like depression, stress, anxiety arise due to one or the other hormone released in our body. Therefore, we learn that health has a strong connection with hormonal health, both go hand in hand. Eat healthily, breathe healthily and lead a life free of diseases. 

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