What School Counseling Is All About And Why Is It Important?

school counselor

Would you enjoy a career in which you can effectively guide young people in navigating the challenges of school and making important decisions such as, where they can go for higher education? School counselors are also important advocates for students; imagine helping students who are struggling with bullying or having difficulties at home that are affecting not only their emotional wellbeing but also their performance in school.

A school counselor is often the greatest source of inspiration in school, school counselors work mainly in the school setting and also work in a private practice. Working as a school counselor proves to be a highly rewarding career with years of satisfaction.

School counselors provide personal counseling which includes- course scheduling, group counseling, career counseling, monitor attendance. Primary issues dealt school counselors are- truancy, bullying, lack of student’s achievement.

Today school counselors are the vital members of the educational team; they help all students from various areas of academic achievement, personal social development, and career development showing students how to become productive well-adjusted adults. School counseling program should be partners in student’s achievement. Question is not what school counselors do, but the important question is what students get from what school counselors do.

School counselors can effectively work in elementary school, at this time students develop their academic self-confidence and feelings of competence. They begin to develop decision making, communication, and life skills as well as character values which include respect, responsibility, compassion, perseverance self-discipline, excellence, integrity

school counseling

It is the time when students acquire attitude towards social groups, peers, and family. Comprehensive school development in school counseling program provides education, prevention, and intervention services which are integrated into all aspects of children’s life. They are important in academic and personal social life; it helps children in the process of learning.

Counselors are also needed in the middle school; middle school is an exciting yet challenging time for students, parents, and teachers. The counselor has to understand and respond to these challenges. During this passage from childhood to adolescence middle school students are characterized by nature to explore a variety of interests, connecting their learning towards practical application. High levels of activity in search of their unique identity they start turning frequently to peers rather than parents for ideas and approach.

Counselors are needed in high school as well. High school is the final transition in adulthood, during these years of growth promise, excitement, frustration, disappointment takes place in student’s mind. It’s the time when students begin to discover what future holds for them, they are searching for a place to belong and relay with pure acceptance. They face the increased pressure of not exploring the boundaries of the most accepted behavior and mature meaningful relationship. School counselors enhance the learning process and enhance full academic performance, school counseling programs are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, social skills and to set appropriate career goals to realize the full academic potential to become the productive contributory member of the world.


No matter what level of school counselor goes to, school counselors will provide individual, small group, and classroom guidance.

Individual counseling- School counselor spends 80% of their direct or indirect time with students. Some of the counselor’s time goes on one to one doing goal setting, academic or career planning, problem-solving and helping them in setting their goals.

Small group counseling- counselor also spends time in working with small groups to facilitate social skills. Assist with communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution with friends.

Classroom guidance- counselors also take time to go to the classroom into the whole class to sessions with students of all levels. The classroom guidance includes academic support, organizational studies and test-taking skills, goal setting and decision making, career awareness, expression of planning education and understanding self and others, peer relationships and effective social skills.

In a whole school counselor is someone who supports the whole childhood by providing counseling to students who are having disciplinary problems, they are also collaborated with teachers to present lessons as well as helping the principle to identify results and student issues. Today’s young people are living the in existing time with an increasingly diverse society, technologies and expanding opportunities. To help ensure they become next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizen. Every student needs deserve support, guidance and opportunity that school counselor are committed to provide.

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