What is post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)? Symptoms and treatment of PTSD


PTSD is a condition that develops after a person has had a terrifying experience, which usually involves physical harm or death either to oneself or other person or persons. PTSD can occur to a person who has hurt or harm themselves or a person who has witnessed another person being harmed or injured such as accident or attack. These incidents may include war veterans suffering after the extreme confrontations of their combat experience, rape, vehicular accidents, physical abuse, natural disasters etc. people who have PTSD can become nervous in certain situations, sometimes they have problem in dealing with other people, they can be emotionally numb in manifesting any kind of real affection, they even prefer to be on their own as being with others can cause the feeling of discomfort or even panic.

Statistic suggests that one in every 3 hours goes on to have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in their life. PTSD disorder is not well understood by media, people and many more in the medical profession. Perhaps it has word stress in it. So it is logical to assume that when people adjust to stressful and life changing events that they might have the disorder, but the disorder is much more specific than that.

Typically people get re-experiencing symptoms in the form of vivid intrusive memories and nightmares of the traumatic event. This leads to immediate physiological and emotional arousal which leads to immediate avoidance people push the memories away and avoid the situations to forget how they felt during the event. This pushing away the event is understandable but it prevents the event being processed. We get these symptoms because our body indeed our human condition hasn’t processed emotional information and when we can’t our body doesn’t know what to do with the information so it keeps it on a loop.

Treatment of PTSD can be rather stressful for the person suffering, but eventually stress goes away. It involves training a person to sit with the memory for prolonged period of time, much longer than they are used to doing. People suffering from PTSD have these memories popping up but they push them away. So, the idea of sitting with the memory for 30 to 40 min is completely new. It is one of the reasons why the treatment can be so effective and it is effective because throughout the process counselor asks them about their stress levels, and it typically goes way down. For the first week the response can be in a high but tolerant stress, and then gradually with every passing week it will go lower and lower.

Positive reinforcement is important because mental health problems treatment only works when the patient chooses to treat them. Most people who starts this process, do complete it because they are tired of having PTSD and wanted to get rid of their symptoms, not learn how to cope with or live with them but wanted to live without them.  

PTSD is a highly treatable condition, knowledge impact expectations and with the proper
treatment of PTSD patient can expect their life back.

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