What Are the Differences Between Training Needs Analysis and Training Needs Assessment?

training need analysis and assessment

Training should be done when there is a gap in the level of performance, behavior, and attitude, Training need arise when the performance, behavior, and attitude of the employees is not contributing to the success of the company; when the level of motivation and morale is low among the employees in the organization; when there is a need for updating the knowledge of employees as per the scenario. This is especially the case in relation to the market scenario and legislation.

Training needs analysis is about finding out the training gap between your actual current performance standards and your required performance standards. So, in order to make sure you go from A to B you need to know what’s A and what’s B. TNA helps training managers identifying performance gap and address this gap with a proper training.

How to identify what is required performance standards, the access really is what are the skills, knowledge, behavior does people need to do the job effectively. What does need them to be able to do, or to do differently, or to do better in order to meet their objective? So, first of all, look at those objectives, what is it that you need to do on an organizational level but also on the team and individual level. You need to identify the actual and current performance standards; ability test is very good for giving concrete measures in terms of people’s abilities in particular areas.


Training need assessment is the process by which we can determine what sort of knowledge, skills, or abilities staff, volunteers or trustees have that can be accomplished via some sort of learning means. It is the process used to determine if training is necessary, to identify the gap between the knowledge skills of an individual to perform a given task. The framework of training need assessment includes- Job analysis, Trainee analysis, Performance analysis, organization development. It’s a way of figuring out what needs the staff, volunteers or trustees have that can be met with training. Identifying the type of training required and analyzing how this can best be provided.

Training need arises when there is a requirement to move to a particular level of performance or behavior or attitude. TNA acts as a guide to decide what training is needed and for whom it is to be offered for achieving organizational activities.

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