Top Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Make, How To Fix Them

  • First mistake people do is trying to do everything on their own, if one is doing all the bookkeeping, all the opening in the morning, closing at the night. Then keep in mind that you build yourself a job and not a business. That’s not a situation you want to be in because want your company to go bigger.
  • Solution- the solution to this is simple, delegate to employees, delegate to other companies, hire people who can help you. Find a marketing company, find other companies with other services that can help you grow your business. Like this, you will find more to grow your business than working in your business. You never wanna work in your business, you wanna work on your business.


  • Another mistake that business owners make is only focusing on one type of marketing, there are many types of marketing techniques, you should really be taking part in all the techniques to really get the best marketing in advertising campaign possible, there is online marketing, print marketing, direct mail and tv & radio etc.
  • Solution– the type of marketing should affect the type of marketing you do, if you have an online line business then you want to spend more time and money on digital marketing but that doesn’t mean you want to eliminate all the other ones. You can go even further in that if you want to do online marketing you can also do video marketing, Website SEO, Video SEO, PPC, banner ads, social media, there are million different ways to go each category can go deeper and deeper. It will take some time and will cost you a little bit of money but in the end, you will have a hugely powerful marketing campaign.


  • Most of the people think that they are marketing geniuses, and the truth is you are not. There are a lot of things you can do on your own, there are a lot of researchers you can do and you can learn a lot of things, but really your focus should be on your business.
  • Solution– what you can do is hire employees who know marketing or seek out in a marketing company. Eg. if you own a coffee shop, you probably make a good cup of coffee. Now I can make a cup of coffee, anyone can make a cup of coffee. Since you own a coffee shop you do it on a daily basis, you know how to make a perfect cup of coffee every time. Now when you make my cup of coffee it blows my mind off, I got it done but it’s not very good. Same is with the marketing if really want to get effective results you should hire people to get it done for you.


  • Most business owners don’t cater to their customers, as a business owner a lot you need to be dealing with, as I told before you need to be doing a lot of marketing. If you already are that’s awesome but you cannot forget to cater to your customers that you do have because you want them to coming back to you again and again and again. If you are spending too much time on marketing for driving new customers into your business that’s great but what they don’t come back again, you want your customers to consistent.
  • Solution– there are a few things you can to ensure that your customers are happy and they keep coming back time to time again. If you notice there is a regular customer who keeps coming back make them feel more special by giving them a discount, contact them, let them know you are thankful for the business and then offer them a discount. These small things make your customers happy and this makes them want to do big things for you. This also encourages mouth publicity.


  • Another mistake most business owners make is that they don’t lest or listen to new ideas, this is very important to any business because businesses are always evolving, methods are always evolving, so if you are not changing things up you gonna get left behind. If haven’t changed anything or lifted anything in last six months it’s about time you must do.
  • Solution– the best thing you can do is ask your employees and as your customers what they like and what they want to change about your business. Consider the points that your employees and customers suggest to grow towards the betterment and upgradation of your business. Sadly most of the business owners don’t do this, they get stuck in ways and they don’t want to change anything, things which they think are great can become better. If you are not improving on anything you gonna left behind eventually.

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