Telemedicine refers to a remarkable tool that makes healthcare entirely accessible, cost-effective, and involves high patient engagement. In simple words, it can be defined as, “The remote delivery of all healthcare services provided to the patients”. Telemedicine was formerly created as a means to treat patients who are located in remote areas, either away from local health facilities or facing a shortage of health professionals. Information can be shared easily in real-time from one computer screen to another between a doctor and a patient. Moreover, the medical devices being used by a doctor can view or capture the recording of the patient himself from a faraway location. Implying that patients can consult a doctor from the comfort of their home without having to travel to a different location in order to get the required treatment. Get the top telemedicine program in Mumbai and take your profession one level up

The knowledge of telehealth is essential from the digitization’s point of view and how fast the economy is growing every year in today’s times. If you are aware of the know-how for being able to adapt to this novel technology of e-health, opportunities will come at your doorstep. As technology is advancing, even the medical practitioners/ physicians/ medical staff are willing to take a step forward and utilize its benefits in the healthcare sector. Keeping this in view, we, at GIVES, are offering a complete program that covers the detailed study of the field of telemedicine. 

 After mastering this certified telehealth online program, you would have an understanding of two novel terms i.e telemedicine and medical tourism. Get to widen your scope of learning and upskill in your existing profession with GIVES today!

Objective of the program

  • To help participants gain knowledge about the novel field of telemedicine.
  • To help participants expand their horizons on the use of the latest technology in healthcare.
  • To introduce the medico-legal aspects in telemedicine for better understanding.

Syllabus covered

Duration: 1 month of exhaustive training

Time duration: 1.5 hours per session

Introduction to telemedicine

Digital Marketing

Medico-legal aspects

Scope of Telemedicine

Benefits of the program:

  • Detailed understanding of telemedicine and its guidelines.
  • Complete understanding of medico-legal aspects involved. 
  • Knowledge of remote patient monitoring and remote care. 
  • Increased accuracy in care delivery.
  • Widened scope of connectivity with healthcare providers and medical practitioners globally.
  • Knowledge of digital media, its uses, and its limitations.
  • Insights about the scope of telemedicine and medical tourism. 
  • Access to reference material with details on the topic covered.

Fees Of the Program


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