Palmistry Reading


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Of all divination practices, palm reading, additionally recognized as chiromancy or palmistry, is one of the most highly regarded. Though its precise origins remain unknown, it is believed that palmistry started out in ancient India, spreading throughout the Eurasian landmass to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. In fact, Aristotle specified palm reading in his work De Historia Animalium (History of Animals) 2,500 years ago. It used to be his view that “Lines are not written into the human hand without reason.”


Simply put, palmistry is the art of examining the physical aspects of the hands to interpret personality traits and predict future happenings. Chiromancy analyses are time-honored: Just as our ancient ancestors gazed into the night sky and created effective correspondences between the movements of the planets and activities here on Earth, palm readers examine how the hand’s attributes connect to greater themes. Occult traditions are primarily based on the esoteric axiom “As above, so below,” and within palmistry, the palm is consequently viewed as a microcosm of the universe. Remember, cosmic warriors, palmistry is not a cut-and-dried practice yielding fixed answers. As you steep yourself in the meanings of hand shapes, mounts, plains, and lines, let your instinct guide you and start to form your own patterns of interpretation. Keep in mind that both hands and human beings change over the course of a lifetime and that we each have the opportunity to steer our own destinies: At its best, palmistry is an opportunity to develop the perception that illuminates the path ahead. 


After diligently pursuing the course on palmistry reading, the participants would develop the understanding and have an overview of the ancient Indian practice, palmistry, and its nitty-gritty. The course enables the participants to acquire relevant skills about palmistry and make interpretations. So brace yourself and hop on the ride of learning palmistry with GIVES today. 


Objective of the Program: 

  • To enable the participants to learn about palmistry and the four elements of palm reading. 
  • To educate the participants of the rich culture and ancient practices of palm reading in India. 
  • To familiarize the participants with the palm’s natural topography and mountains and plains of the palm.


Benefits of the Program:

  • A complete overview of palmistry and its relevant techniques
  • Guidance of famous astrologer Bharti Nagpal and her valuable insights
  • Knowledge of career line, love line, and heartline
  • Key attention is paid to lifeline and marriage line
  • Increased understanding of mounts and plains and the elements of palm reading
  • Access to reference material with details of the topics covered


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