Food and nutrition

Nutrition is one of the primary aspects of our day-to-day lifestyle. We need motivation for almost everything in life to stay focused. Eating healthy meals and staying away from junk food can be the most difficult things to do. 

We at GIVES are organizing an entrepreneurship development program in “Food and Nutrition”.

Objectives of the program

  • To help participants increase their knowledge and awareness of various diseases, Food, Nutrients, Planning, and diet strategies.
  • The importance of getting participants accredited and self-employed as certified Food and Diet Consultant.
  • To help participants develop effective counseling skills & informing participants about success.
  • Creating entrepreneurs and transforming lives.


Duration – 3 months

Career Prospects

  • Explore the hidden entrepreneur in yourself.
  • Become a personalized nutrition consultant and simultaneously increase your income keeping existing professionals / services in touch.
  • Map the blueprint of your career.
  • Generate extra income.
  • Manage chronic diseases through diet consulting.
  • Work as a certified Food and Nutrition consultant in various hospitals & clinics.

Benefits of the program

  • Become a personalized Nutrition consultant as well as increases your income by keeping in touch with existing professionals/services.
  • Work as a certified Food and Nutrition consultant in various hospitals and clinics.
  • Manage chronic illness through diet consulting.
  • Explore the hidden entrepreneurs in yourself.
  • Generate extra income 
  • Map out your career.

Fees Of the Program


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