Starting with the digital India campaigns run across the country, the internet is becoming a widespread thing for today’s generation. Rather than visiting the store itself, people prefer to sit and order online from the comfort of their homes. This boosts up the scope of digital marketing even more. It refers to the marketing efforts put in through online channels like social media, e-mails, SMS, mobile applications, search engines, and so on. We at GIVES are offering an entire digital marketing program to make you understand the subject matter in depth. You can start your own website or provide service by working as a freelancer. The opportunities in this marketing field are endless as it has already replaced the traditional form of marketing. In the coming generations, 80% of the brands will have their presence online rather than just offline. Invest in a profitable career now to get surefire results later. Our master program is developed to bring out the marketing skills in you and help you outshine others. Register for the program and become a digital marketer today!

Why Digital Marketing?

The Indian Marketing ecosystem has seen an exponential rise with social media taking a tight grip over the common masses along with the traditional mainstream media.


We are at an exciting juncture in the business and economic history of India and need to market our products in the best way possible to compete with multiple players in the market. As more products are being launched every day, there is an increased demand for qualified, well-rounded marketers to take them to the market the most effective way.

To become a successful marketer in today’s world, you need to have an in-depth understanding of what marketing means in the digital age, how to build a brand that your customers can connect with, and achieve goals in the process.

Syllabus Covered

Two separate batches

Part Time

Week day Batch: Monday to Friday 2 hours daily.

Week end Batch: Saturday and Sunday 5 hours training


Full Time

8 hours of training with 2 hours of theoretical learning and 6 hours of hand on expertise on live projects to make you industry expert. 

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