How Telehealth Services Are Reshaping Healthcare

The industry of telemedicine has existed since 1924 when doctors used to use radio to communicate the message and conduct their operation. Today it’s 2020 almost a century later, technology has come a long way from what it has been in 1924. And the method of practising for doctors has also transformed. Examining the patients through the internet is known as the most efficient way to operate. It saves time, money, spreading of diseases, etc. Meanwhile, when all things have changed in a century, the term “Telemedicine” also strengthened into “Telehealth”. 

Telehealth is a better version of telemedicine. The term telehealth includes a broad range of technologies and services to provide patient care and improve the healthcare delivery system. Telehealth also includes providing basic knowledge of their health over the internet, also known for Tele-education to the patient or providing care through distance. Telehealth is better from telemedicine because it talks about providing healthcare services to the remotest of areas. Telehealth does not require a specific clinic to provide training, attending official meetings. Telehealth is a delivery system for health information, for healthcare professionals. Managing all this system through the Internet is Telehealth

As telehealth is helping doctors to reach such an extent of treatment and for a patient to get access to a higher physician and get treatment from them. It is reshaping the industries of healthcare, let’s have a look at some aspects of healthcare that have changed since telehealth services came into the picture. 

Telehealth Brings Experts Physician In All Areas

The prime purpose of this technology is to bring an expert physician to the doorstep of the patient and it is serving that purpose gracefully. It’s not a secret that there is a shortage of talented physicians and it is increasing as the time passes, telehealth helped us to stretch the access of physicians in alternative ways and it has provided excellent care to the patient. Telehealth used to reach patients in rural areas and outside the normal care delivery system. And the excellent thing is that more and more physician practices offer telehealth these days. So patients will see their doctors regularly via video. 

Telehealth Is Cost-Efficient For The Patients

Healthcare costs in a normal hospital are high as a sky and a middle-class family can’t afford that kind of expense. But they need an expert doctor to treat them and this is where telehealth comes into the picture and solves the problem. The problem of money, fees of the physicians, visiting charges, etc. A family can pour that money on the treatment and save a life rather than spending it in some fancy hospital or visiting a doctor. Recent studies show that patients save thousands and lakhs of rupees by using telehealth instead of in-person treatment and this same goes to a healthcare provider, they also save tons of money through telehealth.

Ease of Communication Between Doctors

Doctors can also take advantage of technology to provide better care for their patients. One example is a virtual consultation that allows primary care doctors to get into the specialists when they have questions about the patient’s diagnosis or treatment. Primary care doctors can send the report to the specialists and get their opinion on some specific condition their patients might be facing. This makes the entire process so easy that doctors also get something to learn from the specialists and specialists can reach the remote area. These virtual consultations may prevent unnecessary in-person referrals to a specialist, reduce wait time for input from the specialist and eliminate unnecessary travel.

Application Developed For Telehealth 

Telehealth app development has changed the healthcare industries landscape. Telehealth or telemedicine apps have a large impact and have lots of benefits to it. For starters, a telehealth app can provide healthcare services for remote regions with limited access to patients. It helps in keeping the previous health record of the patients. Otherwise, it is very difficult to access these records and transmit them to other doctors for better treatment and prescription. It is also beneficial for healthcare providers who can organise their workload more efficiently. This means there is a possibility to examine more patients correctly.  

Final Thoughts 

Technology plays a vital role in the health sector, it has turned as a boon for the industry. However, several innovative solutions help to overcome the major traditional challenges and turn the treatment into easier, faster, and advanced as ever before. And the technology behind telehealth continues to improve. 

Telehealth is not a technology for the future. It’s here now. And it’s up to us to develop, improve and innovate with it.

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