Cost-effective ways of utilizing chatbots in social media marketing

Chatbots are known to be quite intelligent and effective in their working and have emerged as the most trending technology in the past few years. As per the statistics, these chatbots will be providing assistance to businesses to save over $8 billion per year. That’s a pretty good number, isn’t it? Along with the growing competition and the risen expectations of customers and shrinking budget of marketing, companies have the choice to use some real help. In the year 2018, 25% of the total budget of the business brands will be spent alone on social media. Moreover, it is a great task to handle huge following on social media channels. It will be tasked with the regular updates, customer queries and concerns leaving your team drown in notifications. 

Customer service:

There is no one who would be willing to wait for 2 working days after sending mail. Customers who are so much used to instant gratification would not wait for a response within an hour or so. In such cases, your customer will write all their problems on Twitter rather than sending you an e-mail. Therefore, your team needs to address the issue right away before it turns into a PR disaster. If you deploy chatbot service on Twitter, Facebook or messenger, then it can help you in offering 24/7 services and also lower the staffing cost of the same. 


Do you know that an average internet user spends 50% of 5 hours a day of their online surfing on social media apps. Moreover, they are not willing to leave the social media cocoon. So what can a business brand do to contribute to the online selling? It’s as simple as that, start selling on social media itself. It’s a very convenient option as you can display the entire catalogue on Facebook messenger in a conversation. Also, there are thousands of chatbots online on Facebook messenger which search and suggest products to customers. 

Handling social media:

Doesn’t it feel impossible to deal with thousands of notifications, queries, DMs and tweets with full accuracy. But, chatbots can do it well. They are there to follow commands all day long, without getting tired unlike in manual handling. They can assist you in your interaction with each and every follower that will make them feel you care and appreciate their presence. You will be able to build customer relationships and brand authority in so less time. Another possible use in the handling of accounts could be for forwarding important information. 

Social media research:

There is availability of tools like Google Analytics and Search console for analyzing the behaviour of visitors on site. As we don’t get to know about our followers, their preferences and their behaviour, only except for the analytics displayed on social media channels. Further, doing the competition analysis on social media is a big task Even if you have picked an unpopular niche, the amount of data is huge. Therefore, you need a machine with human intelligence. 

Improve productivity:

If we talk about a small business, few people are employed for social media over there. They have a lot of work on their shoulders which gets combined with too much stress, and they fail to deliver results as per their potential. By the use of chatbots, a business can help in reduction of redundant tasks of employees and help them increase their productivity. Tasks like checking on emails, booking appointments, keeping a track of calendar, scheduling work, having conversation with other teams- all these tasks can be handled by a chatbot- a robot.

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