Work from home habits that will empower your lifestyle

Work from home is not as simple as it sounds, it might get complicated if you are not well organized as per the work requirements. Also, working from home is a practice not meant for everyone, probably not suited for the couch potatoes who can very well find excuses for other things. Although it is becoming a popular option with employees from secretaries to CEO’s in using up the advantage of home office at least part of the time. Some critics insist that work from home does not inculcate a healthy professional environment rather a lenient one. 

Whether you are working from home 3 days a month or almost every day then there are some habits that you need to inculcate in your daily routine to keep it organized and productive.

Form a professional looking work area: If you will start working from the comfort of your bed early in the morning, then you will later be tempted to sleep or relax from time to time. Or working in front of your TV will not be a good idea because that will tempt you to switch it on and watch it. Rather you need to create a small work space where you can only focus on work, keeping all things like household chores beside. However, keep in mind that you create a workplace with lesser distractions which is not used for any other purpose. When you get to arrive at your designated home office then you will be more focused and productive. 

Dress yourself for the job: Who doesn’t prefer working in pyjamas at home, but if you think of it, there is a psychological benefit to dressing up for your job, even if you are at home. You do not need to wear a suit and tie all day every day but dressing up professionally will legitimately work for you, as it works for others. It will be of help in getting your mind in work mode, and also avoiding the temptation of staying in the sloppy pajama mode. Moreover, it appears better when you have to use Skype or any other platform for video conferencing. 

Learning different mediums of communication: there are several modes of communication like phone calls, emails, text messages, and video conferencing that are the available means of communication for remote commuters. And somewhere or the other we are biased into using only one of the above mentioned methods or modes. But, keeping that aside there is still a need to learn effective communication via all the other channels and not just simply the one you are comfortable with. You should know the importance and use of each medium. For instance, a phone call can be effective for some matter while the email won’t be for the same. 

Set your time-table for work: Our productivity and efficiency improves manifolds when we know when one task has to be completed and when another. It is not only about making a routine for the no. of hours that you work for but also how you can maximize the time and use it effectively for your own good. Starting early in the morning will be of great importance instead of procrastinating and getting distracted. Working from home can actually blend your personal as well as professional life together causing unnecessary trouble and misery. 

Working from home can be made into a simpler thing only if you know how to organize your day well and tap into the power of perfect work-life balance. Good luck!

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