Type 2 Diabetes : A lethal kind of Diabetes !

Diabetes has so far increased in the world. According to the statistics by WHO, around 422 million people suffer from diabetes and that is most likely to increase because of the eating habits all over the world and carelessness toward their own health. So you all will be stunned to know that Diabetes is not a disease in itself. It is a group of diseases that results in too much sugar in the blood. There are three types of Diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes:

It comes at any age whatsoever and occurs most frequently in adolescents and children. There is a very little amount or no insulin, which states that one needs daily insulin injections to regulate blood glucose levels in the human body. 

  • Type 2 diabetes:

Type 2 diabetes is more common in adults and adds up to around 90% of the cases. It is quite crucial and happens even when one keeps intaking a wrongful diet. 

  • Gestational diabetes

(GDM) is a kind of diabetes that comes up during pregnancy and affects both the child and the mother. It most probably goes away once the pregnancy period is done but it also makes the child chronically prone to type 2 diabetes. It should be controlled one way or the other in various ways as its consequences are way heinous. 

Here in this article, we are specifically pointing out Type 2 Diabetes which is quite more like a common issue amongst people these days. Some of the easily visible symptoms are as follows. There is an increase in thirst compared to a normal human being. A change in appetite is also seen and observed. There is an unintended weight loss and that too quite rapidly. A sense of feeling fatigued and lethargic most of the time is more of a common symptom of Type 2 diabetes. Blurred vision is also one of the common symptoms and is quite initially observed. Slow-healing wounds, sores, and other skin issues are seen. There are frequent infections and body immunity is quite weakened. There is some kind of darkness in the areas of neck and armpits than usual due to this ailment. 

With the uneven sugar levels and basic issues, there are a few risks that often lead to major casualties in the person suffering from this kind of diabetes. Heart and blood vessel issues, nerve damages, kidney damage, eyesight ailments, hearing ailments, skin issues, sleep apnea Alzheimer’s disease, and whatnot. All of these issues end up either taking a person’s life or lead to the degradation of one’s body. 

But there are several ways to control or prevent this dreadful disease. The most important and effective way is to eat healthily. Select all the low-fat foods, eat lesser amounts of calories, and increase the overall fiber intake. Not only that will help in better health but it will also help in weight regulation. Have a strong emphasis on fruits and vegetables in your diet. Add whole grains and you’re good to go in terms of healthy eating.  Another way to get better is to promote activities. Aim to work out for 150 minutes a week no matter how and when to do it. A brisk walk, cardio sessions, or playing your favorite sport. Anything will work. Rather than just sitting and grieving about your issue, sweat it out and get better. If you are into swimming, it is all the better. Work on your weight regulation. Don’t just go for weight loss and hurt yourself but respect your needs and eating habits, focus on intuitive eating. Motivate yourself for better eating etiquette and experience the difference with the comfort zone. Meditate after the longer sessions of the fitness regime. It helps one gain mindfulness and calmness to cope up in a better way with this troubling situation. Avoid being sedentary and couch potato habits. No matter how bad you feel or how low you feel, go for a walk, run for a while, or dance on your favorite song. The more you will move, the more you will be able to let this issue go. Focus on getting better with positive energy and you will see a remarkable difference inside you which will be worth all the hardworking efforts.

So these were all the words on Type 2 Diabetes. To help one get rid of such issues, he or she should be patient, persistent, and productive. These three P letter words all set to work for every diabetic patient. So next time you see a person with diabetes, boost his morale and take him out for some physical activity. This will help you to get outdoors and will eventually help the person get better even faster. 

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